Kontrkultūra // Kaza Kāpa Debesīs + introduction by the director

Once again, the 1960s are in the focus of attention. They have encouraged searches for the origins of phenomena and ideals in the society that have been transformed or lost over time. This film is a story about that time in the Baltics, Latvia, and Riga. Young rebels of 1960s – nonconformists, hippies and beatniks – have turned into a generation of well-known writers, poets, musicians, directors, as well as politicians of the new independent Latvia. The ones who were 18, 20, or 25 in 1960s are half a century older today. The protagonists of the film are united by the bohemian gathering place of their youth, a small nameless cafe in the Old Town of Riga, commonly referred to as “Kaza” (The Goat). This place is surrounded by legends, myths and humorous stories.

Before the screening – special introduction by director Laima Žurgina.

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